Learning Story


The learning story reflects child’s development on set objectives in a form of a portfolio, where Early Year Educator’s written observations, records and notes as well as other form of evidence, such as pictures, videos, child’s creations or parents’ feedback will be collected and transferred to the Child’s Individual Plan to set new objectives.


Child’s assessment is a child’s learning story and it starts with the Child’s Individual Plan (CIP). Each child has their own individual plan drafted up in collaboration with the educator, parents and also the child, taking into consideration their wishes. In Child’s Individual Plan the child, parents and Early Year Educators document child’s existing skills and strengths as well as short- and long-term objectives for the child. The Individual Plan is revised trice a year or more often, if initiated by the parents/guardians or Early Years Educators. The plan is shared for promoting child development and it enables educators to be aware of the child’s individual needs where concerns and problems can be addressed. Implementation of the plan is monitored and assessed regularly among educators and parents, along with continuous observations and systematic documentation. This allows the educator to get to know each individual child and their needs.


Observation of play increases the educators understanding of children’s thoughts, interests, emotions and experiences. The observations are used in planning and guiding play and other activities. The educators support the development of the children’s play with a systematic and goal-oriented approach by either guiding it from outside or participating in it.

Documentation is a continuous process where observations, child’s creations and their interpretation create an understanding of learning. The knowledge and skills already acquired by the children as well as their interests and needs, are made visible through documentation and used to shape the objectives, methods, activities and learning environments to better meet the children’s interests and needs.


The child’s developmental and learning needs are supported as required and assessed regularly in our Nursery Program. Since the ‘child’ is the focus, his or her need for support shall be recognized and appropriate support arranged. The support is based on each child’s strengths and needs related to learning and development.

We believe that children with specific learning difficulties can be detected at early age through careful observation of their behavioral and developmental pattern. Early detection and corrective measures may promote the child’s development so each child feels equal and a member of the group. We encourage children and provide them with opportunities for experiencing success, supporting the development of the child’s positive self-image.

Professional support is available to draft a plan to address the developmental needs and support required for children with learning difficulties.


Our communication app for parents helps educators and families collaborate in real-time on all the matters related to the education and well-being of the child. Kindiedays has been developed in Finland by two Finnish teachers and is fully customized for the Finnish curriculum to track the child’s learning objectives.

Be part of your child’s educational development

With Kindiedays, you have a chance to follow your child’s learning moments and daily life in our nursery. You can give feedback on the activities and be more involved in your child’s early education. Photos can be exchanged safely and messaging with the educators is fast and easy. You can view nap times, meal times and personal profile straight from the app. It also includes journals and daily reports, photo sharing and quick messaging with no additional cost. All information is related only to your children and behind a secure login.