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Our Vision

Our vision is to lay a foundation and offer the best early years education to promote children’s holistic growth, development and learning, allowing them to bloom naturally in a caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment.

The Finnish ECEC Approach

Our curriculum is based on the ideology and principles of Finland’s National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care 2016 (ECEC). The ECEC is a combined approach to education and care where we aim to provide integrated care, education and teaching to all the children, equally in a caring and conducive learning environment.




Toddlers 1-2 years

For this sensitive age, we provide a variety of educational resources to stimulate their senses, social interaction and physical development as well as encouraging early discovery and role play. Toddlers will have access to messy play/art area for them to be creative, explore textures, colours, different sensory and tactile resources and really get messy in a way that they might not have the opportunity to at home. There is a soft area to relax and soft play equipment with enough space for those early walkers and a separate sleep room.


Nursery 2-3 years

Children have access to a variety of educational resources including language, arts, numeracy and social sciences. This class has access to their classroom area as well as the activity room which are interconnected. The interconnecting rooms offer a free flow between the class room activities and the learning zones which are conducive to their artistic discovery and messy and role play.
All the activities pertaining to the learning zones meet their inner needs in order to help develop their social, personal and inter-dependence. Attention to detail has been given to this age group who are going through a very strong sensitive period for the various senses.


Preschool 3-4 years

The preschool class has been designed to have free flow between 2 rooms and activities with a wide range of resources that will prepare them for primary education. They have access to the classroom area as well as the activity room which are interconnected. There are dedicated areas for pre reading, writing and numeracy skills with educational resources to develop fine motor skills, numeracy and literacy skills, social and emotional skills with a large range of social science related equipment and a soft area to sit and browse both factual and fictional books. The connecting room which comprises the learning zones, are meticulously prepared, rick and flexible environments, keeping in mind the topics and interests of the children.
The children’s learning journey right from toddlers to nursery to preschool is interlinked in line with our six core content areas.


Play incorporated with learning areas

Learning areas describe the key objectives and contents of pedagogical methodology. They guide the educators in planning and implementing versatile and integrative pedagogical activities together with the children.


Rich world of languages

Children play with words and letters through sensory play art activities, such as molding, drawing, singing. They will play with basic rhythm and sounds incorporated with the phonics. They explore the books and produce their own stories.

Diverse forms of expression

Children explore and observe the art forms around them and produce their own expressive art through music, movement, molding, drawing, painting or building. Information and communication technology are utilized to create and store children’s versatile artforms.

Me and our community

Children explore the community by playing in the community or playing with the people from the community. Children will play the characters of the community by using their imagination and imaginary play resources. They can retell and play the stories from the community.

Exploring and interacting with my environment

Children explore their environment and find the mathematical structure in daily surroundings. They will play with mathematical resources, experiment versatile science activities and use various means of measurements while playing.

I grow, move and develop

Children will practice self-care and healthy eating through role play, imaginary play, cooking classes and a part of a daily nursery routine. They will be engaged with various physical activities, such as sports, movement, dance, climbing and outdoor play.

Our Learning Zones

  • Physical

  • Construction

  • Audio Visual

  • Mindfulness

  • Mathematical

  • Practical and Sensorial

  • Life Skills

  • Imaginative and Creative

  • Language

  • Flower

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