My name is Miss Allesia, and I am from South Africa. I studied my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Hospitality management in South Africa. I came back to the UAE and found my passion and love for teaching children while I was working as an Au pair. My career with teaching started in 2019 when I was blessed to be accepted to start teaching in a nursery alongside completing my early years Cache Level 2 and 3 teaching courses. I am completing my Early Years Cache Level 3 and plan to further my studies in Early Years Education in the near future.It is my pleasure to be your teacher soon! I hope we have lots of fun and create great memories together. Let’s explore the world around us together in an educational manner. Be ready to let loose, dance, sing, create, and most of all have lots of fun learning and growing! Together, we will ignite the flame to our curiosity, and I’ll help you become the new leaders of the future. I hope we can build on your knowledge and experience of the world around us. We will work together to help develop in all aspects, including emotional, physical, and cognitive. This year we are going to help build self-independence and hygiene skills, language and listening skills, and help to build and create the foundational skills that the children will use in the future and for life long learning.

I can’t wait to get to know you all, talk about your favorite things and start our learning journey together!