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9 Ways to Help a Shy Child

9 Ways to Help a Shy Child

9 Ways to Help a Shy Child Overcome Shyness & Anxiety

Maryum suggests the following tips.

Where to Begin

  • 1. Really get to know the child
  • 2. Talk to the child about what they are doing
  • 3. Parallel play with the child

Methods used to help a shy child

  • 4. Read books to your class/at home based on characters that overcame shyness
  • 5. Pair children together or in small groups
  • 6. Spark interaction
  • 7. Praise another child’s friendly action in the presence of the shy one
  • 8. Reward friendly behaviors
  • 9. Show empathy and understanding

About Maryum

Maryum was born in England and grew up in South West London, graduating from City University, London with a 1st Class Honours degree in Business Computing Systems. Shortly after graduating she moved to the UAE in 2007 where she took an interest in Early Childhood Education by supporting a new Nursery business start-up in 2012 and taking on the role of Nursery Deputy Manager.

She then pursued her career in early childhood education by moving onto a new nursery group, taking on the role of Nursery Principle in a British Nursery in Dubai for over 8 years. In 2018 she was then offered an incredible and exciting opportunity to join BEST Education Group, in their project to head the first Finnish ECEC nursery in the UAE. Joining Best Education Group as Senior Nursery Development Manager her role involved working with Best Education senior team through stages of each project including academic planning, curriculum development, nursery design and layout, procurement, policies and procedures, marketing, recruitment and training and liaising with ministry officials.

After successfully establishing the first branch of Best Kidz Nurseries licensed by the Ministry of Education as the first nursery under the Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care curriculum in the UAE, Maryum continues to work with Best Education Group to develop and expand the brand and group of nurseries and continue her passion for Finnish Early Years education.

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